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Bob Gatchel Actor, Singer, Voiceover

VocalMist Portable Nebulizer

The most important tool in my "actor's bag"!  This vocal hydration tool allows me to focus on the performance and not worry about my voice!  I get more vocal stamina thanks to the instant hydration the VocalMist gives.  I have had to do several vocally demanding performances, and I can say that the VocalMist is the only way I could get through them! 
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The Singing Straw

DON'T LAUGH! Yes, you CAN improve your vocal warmup and performance with this simple but POWERFUL item. Yeah, you could get a "coffee stirrer" that breaks and is unsanitary.  But this sturdy, hygienic kit is AMAZING!  I learned about this from a pHD in voice, and using the "singing straw" as part of my warm up has seriously upped my game, allowing me to have more stamina, range and power in my performance!
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