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"Gatchel especially reminded one of the gatling gun recitative songs sung by the incomparable Danny Kaye. The Chairman instigates all the action. Gatchel as performer/puppet master, is in complete control of his environment. The audience is in his grasp at all times.

- Greer Firestone -

Bob Gatchel Actor, Singer, Voiceover

Heathers: The Musical

Best Direction (Musical) - Bob Gatchel

Best Scenic Design - Bob Gatchel

Best Musical - Heathers: The Musical

2023 BroadwayWorld Awards

REVIEW: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

"How Candlelight prepares for all those endings of ‘Drood’"

"And since the chairman (a character functioning as the narrator, played by Bob Gatchel) notes “we’re all entitled to a happy ending,” which of three female characters is matched with which of six male characters to sing a happy duet?"

- Delaware Live News